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Marcus Studio was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA in 1992, as was I, some years earlier. The intent was simply to have a vehicle through which I could make and sell objects - anything really - that expressed my own understanding and discovery of aesthetic beauty. Over the years, the process of creating has matured by asking better questions, experimenting (playing), finding community, and following intuition. The resulting products that Marcus Studio has made and sold since its inception documents the artistic growth that has occurred over that time. This website chronicles some portion of that story which continues today. I continue to be inspired by so many other artists (both past and present), and by observing / expressing small moments of daily life.

My formal education is in the Fine Arts, having graduated Oberlin College in 1978 with a BFA degree in Painting and Printmaking. Since then, I’ve worked professionally as a painter, graphic artist, offset-litho printer, silk screener, and software engineer, before diving into furniture design and construction. The common thread that weaves all of these disciplines together for me is a passion for “design and composition” and an appreciation for honest beauty, which begins with a blank piece of paper and extends through the entire creative process of crafting a brand new piece.

In 2021, Marcus Studio relocated to a new shop space on the South Side of Pittsburgh, which will offer a “clean” room in which to paint and draw, as well as a fully functioning woodworking shop. Very exciting !! While I no longer accept new custom design requests, this new direction will allow me to devote more of my time and energies toward making and exhibiting fine art as well as fine furniture products that have stood the test of time. Some portion of the pieces that I produce are functional, however the larger majority are paintings, drawings, sculpture. This website will feature the new work that I produce going forward, as well as the portfolio of archived pieces. Some pieces are available for purchase, feel free to inquire and/or offer feedback about anything you may see on this site.

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Stay In Touch !

Thank you for taking the time to view my work, I would love to hear any comments or questions that you may be willing to share. New items will be posted to this site as they are created. Feel free to sign up for our periodic email newsletter which will keep you current with any news and events related to Marcus Studio.

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